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DFLY immerses you into the Fancy color diamonds world that crystallize in a lab


‘Fancy color’ Lab grown diamonds, as in nature, exist in all rainbow colors: blue diamond, red, pink, orange, yellow, purple or green. Those stones with bold and

saturated colors are very rare, they result from an accident during crystallization phase or from a miss within the crystal lattice. Each stone is unique just like its color grading.


Equivalent to the white lab grown diamond, fancy color lab grown diamond is appraised strictly the same way as its natural counterpart, by the same independent laboratories such as GIA, IGI or HRD in Antwerp. Key criteria to evaluate are the ‘4 C’s’ :


1/ C for the number of Carats

2/ C for Clarity

3/ C for Cut, meaning the quality of cutting

4/ C for Color


Carat, and few people know, is a weight measure. 1 carat represents 200 milligrams.


The clarity criteria provide a genuine ID both for the lab grown diamond and the natural diamond. It allows to evaluate the number and localization of all the little inclusions within the diamond.

Most of the time invisible without an instrument, those characteristics are graduated on a scale going from F/ IF (Flawless / Internally Flawless) to I3 (Inclusion 3). DFLY proposes stones exclusively graduated IF to VS (Very Small inclusions).

3/ CUT

Critical phase to deliver the radiance of the stone, the perfection level delivered in the cutting exercise. An extraordinary rough stone, if poorly cut will lose its spark and thus its value. In opposite, a perfect symmetry is, among other, necessary for an optimum radiance.


When it comes to the white diamond, color measuring goes from letter D to letter Z: the closer you get to D, the whiter and translucent the stone is. For the Fancy Color diamonds, independent laboratories define with precision the different color shades. In the following example, you see a ‘Fancy Vivid Blueish Green’ for its blue shade and green reflections. Extremely valued by enthusiasts, those Fancy Color diamond now can come to life thanks to the human genius, consequently eliminating impacts on biodiversity and human conflicts that sometime happen. Blue diamond, red diamond, yellow diamond, green diamond, all lab grown, offer new perspectives in term of creativity. This is what we have done with the DFLY collection. Its color is due to an accident, like an impurity trapped inside (boron or nitrogen atom) at crystallization stage or to anomalies within the atomic structure which will become stones’ chromogenic centers.

Fancy Color lab grown diamond light up the DFLY collection

The Maison now presents the Alcione ring signed Philippe Airaud in red or yellow gold, with a Fancy Vivid Green lab grown diamond as well as a platinum base with a Fancy Vivid Pink lab grown diamond.

Just as sweet, you’ll discover the chokers from the Diamondfly collection with a subtle and surprising touch of color like the Vivid Blue lab grown diamond or the Fancy Vivid Yellow both in Heart shape.

Each lab grown diamond fancy color is unique and the exact color choice will be yours at the purchasing moment.

Fall for a bespoke jewel with a Fancy Color lab grown diamond

Why not building your dream jewel yourself with one or more Fancy Color lab grown diamonds. Together we choose the stone (s) with color shades that match exactly your wishes, with colors you feel totally in harmony with. Some of our clients for instance pick the exact color of the iris of the eye.

At DFLY, we propose, together, among others, thanks to our French partner DIAM CONCEPT, a large color palette. We can also make a special search according to the color, the shape, the carat you are looking in line with your budget.


Once the stone (s) identified, we work together in the design making, according to your desires. A very precise sketch, computer assisted, will allow to project yourself into the jewel in a very realistic way. You will be able to appreciate it and bring adjustments you want.


When you feel good about it, we will move to the manufacturing phase, in our French workshops, in the purest jewelry tradition, a meticulous work, handmade, which requires 5 to 7 different skills according to the nature of the project. The Maison DFLY stamp guarantees the French making manufacturing.


You will see hereafter a magnificent bespoke ring example: a flat bangle ring in recycled red gold 18k (750/000). It is set with 3 lab grown diamonds including an emerald shape surrounded by 2 Fancy Color tapers, the 3 of them set with a recycled white gold gadroon.

Fancy Color diamonds light up rings, but also other jewel types: bracelets, collars, chockers, earrings, ear cuffs can be set with one or more colored stones, that can be associated with a white stone as well. Stimulate your own imagination, playing with colors but also the shapes. To know more, please click here