The lab grown diamond is a scientific feat of genius, it is a man-made creation of diamond in a laboratory.

Thanks to the mastering of a leading-edge technology, the human being is able to reproduce the perfect natural conditions in favor of the stone's growth. The lab grown diamond, also called synthetic diamond or man-made diamond, is a diamond which has the exact same physical, chemical and optical characteristics as mine diamond.


Exactly as in nature, each lab grown diamond has its own growing path and thus develops its unique inclusions. At the heart of each stone sits its unique identity reported by the gemological laboratory certificate.


The 4Cs standing for Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut represent the universal convention to determine the quality of a diamond:

  • CARAT : Carat is a weight unit for Gemstones, 1 carat weighs 0.2 g.
  • COLOR : Color of the diamond is graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (yellow to brown colors). The colorless diamonds being the most precious. DFLY proposes only diamonds graded from the color D to H. The diamonds with pink, blue, red…colors are called “Fancy Colors” and are graded on a different scale.
  • CLARITY : Purity, each stone develops more or less internal and external inclusions during its growth. Often invisible to the human eye, these characteristics are graded on a scale starting from F/IF (Flawless/Internally Flawless) to I3 (Included 3). DFLY proposes only stones graded from IF to VS (Very Small inclusion).
  • CUT : Cut is the sole quality of the 4Cs that only relies on human eye, three criteria prevail : polish, symmetry and proportions of the stone. Above all, Cut is critical, a perfect symmetry for instance guarantees an optimum shininess. 

DFLY stands for a transparent market. All the stones beyond 0.30 carat get a laser printed ID number allowing their identification.


  • CVD : Chemical Vapor Deposition. The most recent technology.
  • HPHT : High Pressure High Temperature 


Diamonds that we know and admire in the boutique windows are usually white to very light yellowish and for centuries the most coveted are the most colorless.

Those diamonds belong to the ‘Cape Series’, reference to the first diamonds out of South Africa, they represent 95% of the polished diamonds. But diamond crystallization sometimes creates wonderful curiosities : colored diamonds. 

They exist in all rainbow colors : blue diamond, red diamond, pink diamond, yellow diamond, green diamond or even black. Those stones, with saturated and bold colors are very rare. We call them ‘Fancy Color’. Their color is a result of an accident, such as an impurity gotten trapped inside (a boron or nitrogen atom) during crystallization phase or to anomalies within the atomic structure which will become stones’ chromogenic centers.

Lab grown yellow diamond Fancy Vivid Yellow

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Beyond passion from specialists and collectors, it is only recently that a larger public got interested by those stones. Considered until now as curiosities, those Fancy Colors reach auction results that overpass largely prices of the most exquisite white diamonds and are thus reachable by only very very wealthy enthusiasts. Today, few lab grown diamond scientists managed to produce Fancy Colored stones and DFLY is proud to present on its platform few selected colored lab grown diamonds for you. Each stone is unique due its individual color grading. This scientific research miracle today allows to access the most subtil and original colors to serve personalized jewelry creation. Creation of a ring, restoring of a pair of earrings, or a touch of color on a bracelet or a collar, are just examples for the many projects DFLY can develop together with you.

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