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lab grown diamond

lab grown diamond

DFLY uses exclusively the lab grown diamond. Truly a scientific feat of genius, this diamond crystallizes in laboratory under conditions identical to the natural ones and offers strictly the same chemical, physical and optical characteristics as the mine diamond.

Thus, each lab grown diamond coming to life is a unique stone, defined by its characteristics called the 4 Cs : Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. Those characteristics are reported in a certificate issued by independent and international gemological laboratories (IGI, GIA in the US or HRD in Europe). DFLY stands for a transparent market. All the stones beyond 0.30 carat get a laser printed ID number allowing their identification ‘Lab Grown + certificat number’. Lab grown diamonds clearly contribute to a better, greener world. They do not support the exploitation of seabeds and the Earth crust, nor the destruction of biodiversity. They are also above all suspicion related to blood diamond trafficking and poor working conditions in mines. For more information, visit our page ‘Understand Lab Grown diamonds’ here