Product Care

Your DFLY jewel is precious, a lot of attention has been given all along its fabrication journey.

The materials and the lab grown diamonds deserve good care to preserve their prime brilliance and beauty; this daily proper care can be quite simple.

Gold remains a special precious metal because of its shininess; cosmetics, skin sweating, perfume and some corrosive substances may tarnish and alter its shininess, therefore it is recommended to regularly clean your jewel. 

Soapy water does work. If the jewel deserves a more intense washing, drop it at the bottom of a glass, disperse dishwashing liquid and add warm water. After a few hours, or the morning after, rinse it with plenty of water. A soft tooth brush allows to get rid of the impurities if needed.

Diamonds and lab grown diamonds are known for attracting grease. That’s why, just like gold, a soapy water or dishwashing liquid (with solid anti grease properties) bath is appropriate. A soft tooth brush will allow to reach each corner of your jewel. Your stone will recover its brilliance immediately.                 

Gold is quite malleable and thus can easily get scratched by other jewels.  A diamond scratches gold and any other gems, even diamonds. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your jewel in its original box or in its travel case. The earrings have to be kept separately, one from another.

Finally, it is better to take off your jewel when practicing sport, gardening, cleaning up or moving stuff!