#01. General questions

DFLY is a jeweler from the 21st century. The firm has been created by two complementary talents coming both from gemology and high tech sport. This association stimulates contemporary and comfortable creations always more respectful of human beings and the planet. On top of using lab grown diamonds and recycled gold, DFLY elevates the value of all its pieces of jewelry under the skill and expertise of the French craftmanship. DFLY is the shared experience of professional certified gemologists teamed up with an acute eye on style, environment and technological trends of our time. 

Each and every of these three terms describe the exact same diamond which is duly considered as a diamond, just like the mine diamond is, carrying strictly the same physical, chemical and optical properties according to the independent international institutes (e.g. HRD, GIA, IGI). In France, the arrival of a gem quality lab grown diamond on the open market happened later to the law defining the gem appellations, decree  #2002-65 dated January 14th , 2002. According to article 4, this legal norm imposes the appellation “synthetic diamond” or “synthesis diamond”. It is a bit misleading as the term “synthesis” implies many components which is here not the case as the diamond is solely composed of one single element, (the) carbon. The FTC (Federal Trade Center) in the US has therefore taken out both the term “synthetic” for the man-made diamond and the term “natural” for the geological diamond. A diamond is a diamond regardless of its origin.

Yes the creation of a client account is a must-have to proceed with a purchase on the DFLY site.

The DFLY jewels are visible at our private Parisian showroom. The DFLY team welcomes you by appointment only. The viewing appointment is organized via this website here.

The showroom is opened by appointment only on Monday from 12:30 PM to 6:00 PM, from Tuesday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM and on Saturday from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. The appointment is organized via this website here. You can also call us by phone at the following number: +33 (0)7 78 63 33 03

You can proceed with your command at our private showroom by making an appointment here. or buy the jewels directly on the DFLY site.

A bespoke jewel is unique, created for you. A dedicated person from the DFLY team guides you to make this project happens. The making is done step-by-step and is detailed on the dedicated page “Custom-made” on this DFLY site. 

An email will be sent to you at each different steps of the creation of your jewel till the quality control. You will then be informed of the shipping and delivery dates of your jewel.



All gold or platinum jewels made in France are stamped with an assay mark. DFLY uses only precious metals with alloy of high standard purity. Thus, the 18 k (750/1000) is stamped with an eagle’s head mark and 950/1000 platinum is stamped with a dog’s head mark . Only small jewels weighing less than 3 g can be exempt from theses hallmarks (like the stud earrings.)  

The jewels made of precious metals manufactured in France are stamped with a diamond-shaped mark called “poinçon de Maître” (Maker’s mark) or “Poinçon d’atelier” (workshop’s mark) Each diamond-shaped marks engraved with the initials and/or symbol of the makers. 

An authenticity certificate is delivered with each DFLY jewel. It is the guarantee of an original DFLY piece of jewelry as well as the respect of the DFLY quality norms such as the fabrication, the finish, the selection and the quality of the used materials. Whenever possible, each jewel carries a printed signature as well as an identification number.

If you don’t know your finger size or your wrist size, DFLY proposes you appropriate ways to measure. On each product page of this site, a size guide allows you to identify your correct sizes.


A lab grown diamond is identical to a mine diamond, it is a diamond; it carries the exact same optical, chemical, physical characteristics, and each stone is unique.

  1. The lab grown diamond respects human beings and nature
  2. The lab grown diamond is especially pure and of good quality (often type II2, those diamonds represent only 2% of the mine diamonds)
  3. Its price is controlled which allows the purchase of a bigger stone (or gem) 

A lab grown diamond is more respectful of the environment because it doesn’t necessitate the digging of the biggest holes ever created by humans, it doesn’t destroy the seabed and the biodiversity. It also frees itself from any human exploitation.

A lab grown diamond is free of any cartel, has much less intermediaries than the mine diamond. The production circuit of the lab grown diamond is short and thus allows a better control of the costs and finally gives a better pricing for the final consumer, you.

DFLY team is made up of professional gemologists, specialized in the diamond grading and appraisal. They will be delighted to introduce you to the discovery of the lab grown diamond and will guide you in the choice of the right best stone for you. By video conference, by phone, or by appointment at the showroom

A laboratory certificate is the scientific grading report of the unique characteristics of each lab grown diamond (the 4 Cs : Carat - Clarity - Color - Cut) issued by independent and worldwide known gemological laboratories 

DFLY is proud of selling lab grown diamonds and pushes for a truly identified market. All our lab grown diamonds (above 0.30 carat) are delivered with their specific gemological grading report that includes the unique micro-laser number engraved on the girdle of the diamond.  

A universal convention determines the quality of a diamond: 

Carat: The carat is the weight unit of the precious stones, 1 carat means 0,2 grams.

Color: The color of the diamond is graded on a scale from D (colorless) to Z (yellow to brown colors). The colorless diamonds being the most precious ones. The diamonds with pink, blue, red…colors are called “Fancy Colors” and are graded from Faint to Fancy Dark.

Clarity: The purity, each stone develops more or less internal and external inclusions during its growth. Often invisible to the human eye, these characteristics are graded on a scale starting from IF (Internally Flawless) to I3 (Included 3).

Cut: The Cut is the sole quality of the 4Cs that only relies on the human eye, three criteria come into play: the polish, the symmetry and the proportions of the stone. DFLY invites you to check our Lab grown diamond page where you will find additional information.

DFLY proposes only lab grown diamonds with a color graded from D to H and a clarity from IF to VS


The accepted ways of payment on this site are the credit cards (VISA, MASTERCARD, CARTE BLEUE), PAYPAL as well as wire transfer. For foreigners living outside of the EU, a payment in cash is accepted (up to 14 900€). DFLY delivers the appropriate detax documents to get the VAT cashed back (20%)

The DFLY site is secured, it is classified “https” meaning that the optimal security norms are applied on this site, this security is symbolized by the little lock sitting at the beginning of the URL address. On top, DFLY doesn’t hold at any moment the banking data of the client. Finally, DFLY uses the 3D Secure process, in line with the new requirements of the EU Revised Directive on Payment Services PSD2, which protects the buyer with a second level of security; after entering the banking information, the buyer is redirected toward his/her bank website for a Strong Customer Authentication SCA to confirm being the card owner. 

DFLY offers the possibility to pay by installments in three or four times with additional costs for orders under 3,000 € (1.45% interest for a payment in three times, 2.2% for a payment in four times). When moving ahead with your order and choosing the way of payment, this payment in three or four times will be proposed to you.

The order and the payment can be done at the private DFLY showroom situated at  44 rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France ; please click here to make an appointment.

The payment via phone is not possible as too un-secured ; however, it is possible for the buyer to be guided on the phone during his/her online purchase. we will gladly be helping the buyer through the different steps of the buying process until the final order and payment. For this, please click here to make an appointment


Shipping and delivery is free of charge within the whole European Union except shipping for the islands which are charged 30 € (V.A.T included).

Regarding shipping and delivery outside the European Union, the service is at the buyer’s expense. The costs are specified during the buying process, you can also contact our customer service for additional information (mail :, phone number : + 33 (0)7 78 63 33 03). Customs duties on imported goods, local duties and taxes may occur upon arrival and are all at the buyer’s expense.

French territories (PTOM) such as La Nouvelle-Calédonie, La Polynésie Française, St Barthélemy, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon etc that belong to the States members of the European Union are subject to additional costs just like any country sitting outside the European Union.

Shipping delays apply after the fabrication delay. They may take two to five business days in standard conditions within the European Union.

The DFLY jewels are manufactured on order in our French workshops. Production time varies from 3 to 8 weeks.

The return of a jewel is possible within 14 days starting when the jewel is received at the mentioned shipping address. During this timeline, the client is due to inform DFLY by regular mail (44 rue de Richelieu, 75001 Paris, France) or by email ( The buyer can also upload a returns label on his / her private account on the site.   

A return must be signaled and done within 14 days following the reception of the jewel by the client. The order must be returned with its original packaging: bag, box, travelling bag, authenticity certificate, laboratory certificate and jewel, all in brand new conditions. The invoice or sale receipt must be returned as well. The refund will be done within 15 days following the reception of the returned articles by DFLY.

All bespoke or custom-made jewelry (such as resizing work, personalized engraving or custom-made execution) cannot be returned and refunded.

The return of an order is done through specialized transport companies agreed by DFLY.  The return costs are fully covered by DFLY within the European Union, with the exception of islands for which an additional fix fee of 30 € (V.A.T included) will be charged.