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Armour ring personalization

New Armour signet ring, elegance and personality for self expression




Superior table made out of black ceramic allows to engrave personal messages on your jewel.

Traditional signet rings are engraved with family crests which is possible on the Armour ring. Today, just like tattoos, people like to express very personal things: self or beloved ones initials, affinities, inspiring drawing or animal, few meaningful words…
DFLY helps you in the design and if you want you can be helped directly with Philippe Airaud, DFLY director who designed the ring.

(*) crystallized in laboratory



Marty Hurwitz, CEO THE MVEYE, a reference in global research and communication services in the gem, jewelry and watch industries, asked me few questions about the role of French jewelry regarding lab grown diamond global appeal.
Merci Monsieur Hurwitz !

The interview is here (in English)



« Armour » signet ring by DFLY
12 diamonds (*) for 12 knights of the round table, reversed with a purpose, pavillon is indeed on the outside recalling medieval shields.


Lab grown diamonds have been carefully selected by DFLY, we are specialist of this stone since our creation. Actually DFLY proposes to buy individual lab grown diamonds for bespoke rings or necklaces for instance (buy a lab grown diamond here).

Superior table is made out of black ceramic. Both elegant and special, it allows to engrave whatever the person wants.


Here, the Paris motto has been twisted with the dragonfly in mind, « VOLA NEC EVANESCE » (flyes but doesn’t vanish).


Can we talk about medieval neo punk for this Armour ring?!

Metal : 18 k yellow and white gold

Stones : 12 lab grown diamonds for an approximate 2 ct total  (color D to G) 

Fabrication : France

Buy the ring here or call us to personnalise the ring at +33 (0)7 78 63 33 03 or come at our showroom 44 rue de Richelieu 75001 Paris (book at a slot here)