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DFLY Designer

The epic DFLY design comes from the precious talent of Philippe Airaud, designer.

Renowned for the creation of jewels and watches, Philippe Airaud gave birth to numerous iconic pieces of the place Vendôme. Since his start in the 90’s, Philippe Airaud created iconic collections for the major 'Maisons'.


For DFLY, and this first collection, Philippe Airaud had a great creative freedom: “Our common desire was to create timeless and sensual lines while keeping a sense of simplicity, almost minimalistic. The brief was very poetic evoking the mark the wind leaves on the sand in an imaginary desert”.

This collection is inspired by David Bowie’s song Space Oddity, imaging oneself in a spaceship getting a stunning view of our blue planet. It is composed by three landscapes: a desert where a mysterious wind blows – the stars and their mythical fire – the stars and water, the origins of life. Unique and full of surprises, Philippe Airaud invites us into the unpredictable aspects of the desert and its landscapes with this DESERT ODDITY collection.