Référence N°V03PR156IGI2211-LG529246882
3 to 4 days
1.56 The carat is a weight value, 1 carat represents 0.2 gram
E Exceptional white | Colorless
WS2 Very very slightly included | Very hard to see with a 10x loupe
Excellent Perfect proportions, symmetry and polish
Certificat IGI
IGIThe diamond certificate is available here.

Shipping is offered within the whole European Union with the exception of islands for which an additional fix fee of 30 € (V.A.T included) will be charged.

For the shipping outside the European Union, the service is at the buyer’s expense, please contact our customer service (phone: + 33 (0)6 19 72 30 71 or email:

The shipping of your lab grown diamond will happen as soon as the payment is effective. It will be managed exclusively by our specialized transporter and with your countersignature. Shipping to a pickup point or a mailbox is not possible.

Shipping delay: 3 weeks from reception of payment

The return of a jewel is possible within 14 days starting from the reception of the lab grown diamond at the indicated shipping address. During this timeline, the client is due to inform DFLY of his return decision by regular mail (12 rue de la Chaussée d'Antin 75009 PARIS, FRANCE) or by email (

The return of an order is done through specialized transport companies in close association with DFLY. The return costs are fully and exclusively covered by DFLY within the European Union with the exception of the islands for which a fix fee of 30 € (V.A.T included) will be charged.

The refund will be done within 15 days upon reception of the requested returned items.

DFLY offers the possibility to pay in 3 or 4 times if you want to, for any order under 3.000 €. The related costs represent 1.45% interest of the total amount for a payment in 3 times (those costs cannot go above a 15€ maximum) and 2.20% interest of the total amount for a payment in 4 times (those costs cannot go above a 30€ maximum). The totality of those costs are billed on top of the first payment. When going through your order process on this site, these options will be proposed to you, so just let you guide.



The lab grown diamond is a scientific feat of genius, it is a man-made creation of diamond in a laboratory.

Thanks to the mastering of a leading-edge technology, the human being is able to reproduce the perfect natural conditions favorable for the growth of this stone. The lab grown diamond, also called synthetic diamond or man-made diamond, is a diamond which has the exact same physical, chemical and optical characteristics than mine diamond.

Exactly as in nature, each lab grown diamond has its own growing path and thus develops its unique inclusions. At the heart of each stone sits its unique identity reported by the gemological laboratory certificate.