Natural or lab grown diamond?
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Natural or lab grown diamond ?

For few years now, the lab grown diamond gains space within the worldwide jewelry scene next to the traditional mining diamond. What are the characteristics which differentiate them or bring them together? Explanations from a gemologist and diamond grader Christelle MICHEL.

If, according to Marilyn Monroe, diamonds are the girls’ best friends, it means that what is considered the Queen of fine gems all over the world, is a symbol for eternal love and purity. With an unmatched status until now.

But here comes fresh jewelry brands proposing jewels set with lab grown diamonds instead of geological stones.

Whereas preconceptions are numerous on the scene, Christelle MICHEL, diamond grader, is determined to fight them. Because the DFLY jewelry brand co-founder, a lab grown diamond expert, has for a while considered them as fakes.

Until one day when she run stones evaluation and first read as natural, because all characteristics of a real diamond were there. When someone tells her they are lab grown, it is a wake-up call, ‘it was for me a revolutionary scientific achievement’.   

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